Ethical management

The highest values of ethical management are transparency and principles.

Yura Corporation adopts transparency and principles as its business philosophy and enforces compliance with its ethical guidelines, We do our best to ensure our employees and stakeholders work in a fair and transparent manner.

The Highest Values of Ethical Management Are Transparency and Principles

Ethical Guidelines in Place

Convinced that a respected and trusted global corporation is born through steady efforts to develop new technology and realize high quality, Yura Corporation has created and implemented our ethical charter, ethical regulations, and code of ethics.

  • Ethical Charter
    Technological innovation and contribution to country and community
    Customer satisfaction and growth shared with customers
    Respect for people and nurturing of talents
    Establishment of transparency in management
  • Ethical Regulations
    General provisions
    Ethical regulations
    Handling violations
  • Code of Ethics
    Delivering best products and services
    Customer first
    Leading quality of life at all times

Cyber Auditor's Office

The office receives reports on issues requiring improvements, including unethical behaviors, or unfair or unreasonable work situations for employees. With a view to establishing transparency and ethics in business management and symbiotic cooperation, we look to active participation and cooperation. The reports will be kept confidential and are accepted with transparency.

Where to Report

  • By
  • By phone+82) 70-7878-1010
  • By fax+82) 31-680-6837
  • By mailAuditor, Auditor's Office, Yura R&D Center, 308, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do

What to Report

  • Unfair business practices influenced by education-related or regional connections
  • Abuses or soliciting by staff
  • Irregularities, improprieties, giving and taking money and/or entertaining etc. Acts unacceptable by social norms
  • In-company sexual harassment and self-degrading behaviors among employees
  • Desired improvements in or violations of fair trade systems
  • Acts that violate human rights, labor-related laws and information security

Handling Procedures

  • Receive a report
  • Check content and register the report
  • Launch investigation
  • Complete investigation
  • Closure
  • Check results of process

Protecting the Reporter

Yura Corporation will fulfill its responsibilities in protecting the reporter with complete security. The company will not reveal the identity of the reporter or disclose any information without the person's consent, and will not put the reporter at a disadvantage.

What Is Protected
What Is Protected.
The identity of the reporter.
The evidence or information collected in the report as presented by the reporter.
Things that hint at the suspected persons.
Follow-up actions of the report.
Protection Policy
Protection Policy
Reporters and specifics of reports are kept confidential.
The processing of reports is implemented by limited staffs who have pledged to strictly keep details of reports confidential.
We make sure that reporters won't be put in a disadvantage or face any penalties.
A person who reports improprieties or irregularities in which he or she is involved in shall have best consideration to the extenuating circumstances.