Joint growth management

We will create value for future growth with our partners.

Building on the value of symbiotic growth, Yura Corporation collaborates to grow with our partners in a solid relationship by providing various supports to each other.

We Will Create the Value of Symbiotic Growth for a Better Future with Our Partners.

Cooperation for Stable Business

Yura Corporation implements various programs to ensure the financial stability of our partners. We have created symbiotic partnership fund to provide funding for the business of our partners.

  • Running symbiotic partnership fund
  • Cash payment for supplied goods and services
  • Running symbiotic payments

Cooperation for boosting viability

Yura Corporation operates various shared programs such as quality guidance, consulting from outside experts, and support for implementing smart factory, that supports the sustainable growth of our partners.

  • Quality guidance and nurturing
    for partners
  • Consulting From outside experts
  • Support for implementing
    smart factory

Communication for Shared Growth

Yura Corporation solidifies its partnerships and shared growth through diverse-ranging symbiotic partnership and communication programs.

  • Symbiotic partnership association
  • Running quality competition
  • Running technology innovation competition

Compliance with Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act

Yura Corporation follows "the 4 guidelines for Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act" by complying with the subcontracting related laws and regulations to establish fair trade order.

  • Guidelines for contracting with partners
  • Partner registration and management guidelines
  • Subcontracting transactions internal review committee management guidelines
  • Document issuance and retention guidelines

Promotional Video for Shared Growth

Yura Corporation and our Partners are working together for sustainable growth.

pr video

Symbiotic Partnership

pr video

공정한 기술거래문화 정착


Source: Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership